Aqurate Hip System


Collarless, polished tapered stem have been proven success during more
then 20 year. The AQURATE Hip System has continued this success since
its introduction & it is available in Stainless Steel 316L

The 12-14 taper system provides improved function by offering three
offsets & lengths in different Aqurate Stems (Ref. detail mentioned in
catalogue). The collarless design also simplifies leg length adjustment.


12-14 Aqurate Hip Stem


Cat. No. Taper Stem Length Offset Size
SCI-4001-OX 12/14 90mm 33mm OX
SCI-4001-XL 12/14 120mm 34mm XL
SCI-4001-01 12/14 128mm 36mm 1
SCI-4001-02 12/14 128mm 38mm 2
SCI-4001-03 12/14 128mm 38mm 3
SCI-4001-04 12/14 128mm 38mm 4
Material : S.S.316L


Aqurate V-Centralizer

Cat. No. Description Size
SCI-4005-10 Aqurate V-Centralizer 10mm
SCI-4005-11 Aqurate V-Centralizer 11mm
SCI-4005-12 Aqurate V-Centralizer 12mm
SCI-4005-13 Aqurate V-Centralizer 13mm
SCI-4005-14 Aqurate V-Centralizer 14mm

Material : Imported U.H.D.M.W.P.E.


Aqurate Cement Stopper

Cat. No. Description Size
SCI-4006-01 Aqurate Cement Stopper 40mm

Material : Imported U.H.D.M.W.P.E.



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