Bone & Plate Holding Forcep-Femur

SCI-BHI: 17 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-BHI: 17T (Titanium)


Shagun Cares® Bone and Plate Holding Forceps is a specialized orthopedic tool that surgeons commonly use to hold and guide plates and bone fragments into an optimal position, in order to align the bone structure and perform transfixion and other procedures.

  • One Hammer-Shaped Serrated Tip for Strong Grasping.
  • Long Ratchet for Controlling the Clamping Degree.
  • Ergonomic Finger Rings Ensuring Superior Control.

The Bone & Plate Holding Forcep-Femur offers a wide array of surgical advantages. These advantages take center stage in orthopedic surgeries such as open fracture reduction and K-wire fixation.

To this end, the instrument comes with a pair of long jaws that curve inward at the tips. Moreover, one tip features a pointed profile and the opposite has a hammer-like shape with serrations. As a result, surgeons can hold stabilizing plates and align long bone fragments.

In addition, the device features a pair of finger rings that ensure a comfortable grip. Also, the forceps comes with a long ratchet, which the operator can set at the desired with for optimal maneuvering.

All our Bone & Plate Holding Forcep-Femur are available in premium grade stainless steel, granting the highest quality and durability standards in your operating rooms.

Bone& Plate holding forceps is an instrument which is used for holding the plate and the bone together during fracture reduction.

Product Specifications:

Specialty Orthopedic
Sub-Category Bone Holding & Repositioning Forceps
Category Forceps
Handle Type Ring Handle
Joint Type Box Joint
Ratchet / Lock Long Ratchet
Finish Satin
Material Stainless Steel
CE Marking Yes
Reusable Yes