Bruns Bone Currette with Fibre Handle

SCI-BCI-18 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-BCI-18T (Titanium)


Shagun Cares®  Bruns Bone Currette with Fibre Handle is a specialized device that orthopaedic surgeons use to gouge out abnormal bone growths and other hard tissues, in order to perform certain surgical procedures.

  • Circular & Oval Tips to Suit Multiple Approaches.
  • 2.0 to 8.0mm Spoon Sizes to Scrape Different Surfaces.
  • Solid & Hollow Handles Promoting Superior Control.

The Bruns Bone Currette with Fibre Handle offers a wide range of advantages for orthopaedic specialists. Its principal use is to provide an atraumatic way to scrape bone surfaces.

For this purpose, the instrument features a small, oval or circular spoon that is ideal to scoop out bone tissue. In addition, the sharp-edged profile of the spoon permits to carve other hard structures besides bone. Also, it is available in different sizes, which range from 2.0 to 8.0mm, to accommodate multiple surfaces.

Moreover, the  bone currette features two types of handles, including solid and hollow patterns. As a result, surgeons can choose the model of their preference to achieve a firm grip and prevent slippage.

Manufactured in premium grade stainless steel to ensure the highest quality instruments in your operating


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