Cancellous Screw 7.0mm Thread Length 16mm

SCI-311 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-311T (Titanium)


  • Thread Diameter : 7.0mm
  • Drill Bit for Threaded Hole : 4.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter : 4.5mm
  • Core Diamater : 4.5mm
  • Hexagonal Socket : 3.5mm
  • Head Diameter : 8.0mm
  • Cannulation : 2.1mm
  • Head Diameter : 2.0mm
Stainless Steel
Cat No. Length
SCI-311-50 50mm
SCI-311-55 55mm
SCI-311-60 60mm
SCI-311-65 65mm
SCI-311-70 70mm
SCI-311-75 75mm
SCI-311-80 80mm
SCI-311-85 85mm
SCI-311-90 90mm
SCI-311-95 95mm
SCI-311-100 100mm
SCI-311-105 105mm
SCI-311-110 110mm
SCI-311-115 115mm
SCI-311-120 120mm
Cat No. Length
SCI-311T-50 50mm
SCI-311T-55 55mm
SCI-311T-60 60mm
SCI-311T-65 65mm
SCI-311T-70 70mm
SCI-311T-75 75mm
SCI-311T-80 80mm
SCI-311T-85 85mm
SCI-311T-90 90mm
SCI-311T-95 95mm
SCI-311T-100 100mm
SCI-311T-105 105mm
SCI-311T-110 110mm
SCI-311T-115 115mm
SCI-311T-120 120mm


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