Cannuleted Tap-7.00mm

SCI-LCI : 7 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-LCI : 7T (Titanium)

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Shagun Cares® Cannuleted Tap-7.00mm offered finds usage with lateral fluoroscopic guidance over guide wire so as to drill/tap through pedicle into proximal vertebral body. The offered instrument is used in the field of orthopedics in tapping hole so as to accept leading threads of screw which as a process is slowly phasing out as now-a-days the leading screw threads being available in the market are self tapping. The precision construction standards of these taps also add on to their matching up with the process demands.


  • Tapping procedure using Cannuleted Tap-7.00mm need to be performed when leading threads need to penetrate dense cortical/cancellous bone
  • While handling involved procedure, its important for the tap to be inserted to full drill depth so as to avoid losing compressive action of screw