Cortical Cannulated Screw 4.5mm (Short Threaded)

SCI-315 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-315T (Titanium)


  • Thread Diameter : 4.5mm
  • Drill Bit for Threaded Hole : 3.2mm
  • Core Diamater : 2.7mm
  • Hexagonal Socket : 3.5mm
  • Head Diameter : 6.5mm
  • Cannulation : 1.75mm
  • Guide Wire : 1.6mm Shaft diameter 3.1mm
Stainless Steel
Cat No. Length
SCI-315-20 20mm
SCI-315-22 22mm
SCI-315-24 24mm
SCI-315-26 26mm
SCI-315-28 28mm
SCI-315-30 30mm
SCI-315-32 32mm
SCI-315-34 34mm
SCI-315-36 36mm
SCI-315-38 38mm
SCI-315-40 40mm
SCI-315-45 45mm
SCI-315-50 50mm
SCI-315-55 55mm
SCI-315-60 60mm
SCI-315-65 65mm
SCI-315-70 70mm
Cat No. Length
SCI-315T-20 20mm
SCI-315T-22 22mm
SCI-315T-24 24mm
SCI-315T-26 26mm
SCI-315T-28 28mm
SCI-315T-30 30mm
SCI-315T-32 32mm
SCI-315T-34 34mm
SCI-315T-36 36mm
SCI-315T-38 38mm
SCI-315T-40 40mm
SCI-315T-45 45mm
SCI-315T-50 50mm
SCI-315T-55 55mm
SCI-315T-60 60mm
SCI-315T-65 65mm
SCI-315T-70 70mm


Shagun Cares® Cortical Cannulated Screw 4.5mm (Short Threaded) Specifications:

  • Cannulated shaft accepts guide wires of 1.6mm with threaded Trocar tip
  • Hemispherical head of the screws ensures optimal annular contact with washers and plates when screws are angled
  • Low-profile head reduces possibility of soft tissue irritation
  • Thread profile designed to provide pullout resistance and insertion efficiency similar to those of the standard 4.5mm cortex screw
  • Fully threaded screws are intended to stabilize fractures where little to no compression across the fracture site is needed.
  • Length ranges from 20mm-80mm with a diameter of 4.5mm.
  • Available in both Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Cortical Cannulated Screw 4.5mm (Short Threaded) Indications for use:

Fixation of fractures with medium fragments, eg.-

  • Malleolar fractures
  • Pilon tibial fractures
  • Fractures of calcaneous and talus
  • Tibial plateau fractures
  • Carpal and tarsal arthrodeses

Shagun Cares® is leading manufacturer of Cortical Cannulated Screw. We are having wide range in Orthopedic Bone Screw like Cortical Cannulated Screws 4.5 mm Dia , Short Thread – Self Tapping, Cancellous Screw 6.5mm( Full Thread) , Cortical Screw 3.5mm, Cortical Screw 4.5mm, Cancellous Screw 6.5mm ( 32mm thread) etc. All product are available in Titanium 6Al-4V & Stainless Steel 316 L. All products are designed under the Machinery 5 Axis, VMC & CNC. All sizes are available in best quality & reasonable prices.


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