Cortical Screw 3.5 mm

SCI-300(Stainless Steel)


  • Thread Diameter 3.5 mm </1i>
  • Drill Bill for Threaded hole 2.5 mm
  • Drill Bill for Gliding hole 3.5 mm
  • Core Diameter 2.4 mm
  • Hexagonal Socket 2.5 mm
  • Head Diameter 6.0 mm
Stainless Steel
Cat No. length
SCI-300-10 10mm
SCI-300-12 12mm
SCI-300-14 14mm
SCI-300-16 16mm
SCI-300-18 18mm
SCI-300-20 20mm
SCI-300-22 22mm
SCI-300-24 24mm
SCI-300-26 26mm
SCI-300-28 28mm
SCI-300-30 30mm
SCI-300-32 32mm
SCI-300-34 34mm
SCI-300-36 36mm
SCI-300-38 38mm
SCI-300-40 40mm
SCI-300-42 42mm
SCI-300-44 44mm
SCI-300-46 46mm
SCI-300-48 48mm
SCI-300-50 50mm
Cat No. length
SCI-300T-10 10mm
SCI-300T-12 12mm
SCI-300T-14 14mm
SCI-300T-16 16mm
SCI-300T-18 18mm
SCI-300T-20 20mm
SCI-300T-22 22mm
SCI-300T-24 24mm
SCI-300T-26 26mm
SCI-300T-28 28mm
SCI-300T-30 30mm
SCI-300T-32 32mm
SCI-300T-34 34mm
SCI-300T-36 36mm
SCI-300T-38 38mm
SCI-300T-40 40mm
SCI-300T-42 42mm
SCI-300T-44 44mm
SCI-300T-46 46mm
SCI-300T-48 48mm
SCI-300T-50 50mm
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