Denham Pin (Steinmann Pin Centrally Threaded)

Denham Pin (Steinmann Pin Centrally Threaded)

SCI-WP-5 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-WP-5T (Titanium)

Stainless Steel
Cat No. Size Length
SC1-514-40 4.0mm 225mm
SCI-515-45 4.5mm 225mm
SCI-516-50 5.0mm 225mm
SCI-517-60 6.0mm 225mm
Cat No. Size Length
SC1-514T-40 4.0mm 225mm
SCI-515T-45 4.5mm 225mm
SCI-516T-50 5.0mm 225mm
SCI-517T-60 6.0mm 225mm


Shagun Cares® Denham pin (Steinmann Pin Centrally Threaded) is used for giving skeletal traction in osteoporotic bone in the lower limb. It has got threads in the centre of the pin for hold in the cortex of the osteoporotic bone, hence preventing cut out of the pin.

Denham Pin Specification

Denham Pin pin insertion remains the most commonly performed procedure in orthopaedic practice. Although its use for definitive fracture treatment has steadily declined due to advent of newer implants and devices, it still finds application in treatment in fractures suffered by medically unfit and paediatric patients and for providing interim traction in almost all lower limb injuries as well as hip and knee pathologies.

Upper tibial Steinman pin insertion is required for most fractures around the hip joint and the femur. The insertion of a Steinman pin is a relatively safe procedure if the basic principles of insertion are adhered to. Complications like infection and pin loosening are quite common especially if the pins are retained for longer duration, which is rarely the scenario these days. Besides other complications like damage to ligaments & growth plate, pin cut through, major complications do occur like deep peroneal nerve palsy leading to foot drop, growth plate damage in children and pseudoaneurysm of anterior tibial artery.

Denham Pins Indications for Use

Denham Pins are indicated for use in the fixation of bone fractures, bone reconstruction, and as guide pins for insertion of other implant. The size of the Pin chosen should be adapted to the specific indication. Surgeon judgement is required to ensure a Denham Pin is appropriate for the indication. There is a potential risk of Denham Pin migration in some fracture fixation applications such as the clavicle.

Denham Pins are indicated for use only in the following conditions:

  • Bone trauma requiring internal fixation for healing.
  • Fixation of soft tissue to bone where Pins are able to so do safely.
  • Bone lengthening and shortening procedures.
  • Osteotomies and other realignment procedures.

Denham Pin Contraindications

Contraindications may be qualified or total, and need to be taken into consideration when evaluating the prognosis in each case. Alternative management techniques may need to be considered under the following conditions:

  • Acute or chronic infections, either local or systemic.
  • Local or systemic accurate or chronic inflammation.
  • Serve muscular, nervous or vascular disease endangering the affected area.
  • Defective bone structures, which would impede adequate anchoring of the implant.
  • All associated diseases which could endanger the function and success of the implant.


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