Esmarch Rubber Bandage

SCI-T : 1 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-T : 1T (Titanium)

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Shagun Cares, Esmarch Rubber Bandage are soft and very comfortable to use, hence preferred by medical professionals for their patients. A popular feature of these bandages is that they can be sterilized using either Gamma or ETO. They are also manufactured in customized sizes, as per client’s requirement. Esmarch Rubber Bandage is a narrow natural rubber (latex) or synthetic rubber (latex-free) strip that is used to control bleeding by applying it around a limb in such a way that blood is expelled from it.

Over the centuries, surgeons have battled with the problem of blood loss in trauma and surgery. In major limb surgery, amputation for example, the assistant would apply digital pressure over the artery or a tourniquet would be used – a pad over the arterial pressure point would be bound down with a bandage, tape or rope tied around the limb. However, this had a tendency to slip and the limb could not be exsanguinated efficiently.

Esmarch Rubber Bandage Features:

Ideal for orthopaedic blood-less surgery.
● Used to control bleeding by applying it around the limb in such a way
that blood is expelled from it thereby preventinng flow of blood during
surgeries thus making it easier to operate.
● Soft and easy to use.
● Can be sterilized using either gamma or ETO.
Available in natural latex and (Synthetic Poly-isoprene) latex free.