Hart Shell

strong>SCI-SI-1 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-SI-1T (Titanium)

Cat No. Length
SCI-400-75 75mm
SCI-400-100 100mm
SCI-400-125 125mm
SCI-400-150 150mm
SCI-400-175 175mm
SCI-400-200 200mm
SCI-400-225 225mm
SCI-400-250 250mm
Cat No. Length
SCI-400T-75 75mm
SCI-400T-100 100mm
SCI-400T-125 125mm
SCI-400T-150 150mm
SCI-400T-175 175mm
SCI-400T-200 200mm
SCI-400T-225 225mm
SCI-400T-250 250mm
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