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Hip Screw with Compression Screw (DHS/DCS Lag Screw)

Product Summary

SCI-316 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-316T (Titanium)

Use with DHS & DCS Plate.


Cat No. (DCP hole) Length
SCI-316-50 50mm
SCI-316-55 55mm
SCI-316-60 60mm
SCI-316-65 65mm
SCI-316-70 70mm
SCI-316-75 75mm
SCI-316-80 80mm
SCI-316-85 85mm
SCI-316-90 90mm
SCI-316-95 95mm
SCI-316-100 100mm
SCI-316-105 105mm
SCI-316-110 110mm
SCI-316-115 115mm
SCI-316-120 120mm
SCI-316-125 125mm
SCI-316-130 130mm
SCI-316-135 135mm
SCI-316-140 140mm
SCI-316-145 145mm
Cat No. (DCP hole) Length
SCI-316T-50 50mm
SCI-316T-55 55mm
SCI-316T-60 60mm
SCI-316T-65 65mm
SCI-316T-70 70mm
SCI-316T-75 75mm
SCI-316T-80 80mm
SCI-316T-85 85mm
SCI-316T-90 90mm
SCI-316T-95 95mm
SCI-316T-100 100mm
SCI-316T-105 105mm
SCI-316T-110 110mm
SCI-316T-115 115mm
SCI-316T-120 120mm
SCI-316T-125 125mm
SCI-316T-130 130mm
SCI-316T-135 135mm
SCI-316T-140 140mm
SCI-316T-145 145mm