Interlocking Nail (Universal Nail Femur)

SCI-N :6 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-N :6T (Titanium)


  • Proximal Shaft : Two round Holes
  • Distal Shaft : Three Round holes
  • Hole for 4.9mm : 5.D com
  • Locking Bolt
Length Diameter
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm
Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
26 cm
28 cm
30 cm SCI-765-30 SCI-766-30 SCI-767-30 SCI-768-30
32 cm SC1-765-32 SCI-766-32 SCI-767-32 SCI-768-32
34 cm SC1-765-34 SCI-766-34 SCI-767-34 SCI-768-34
36 cm SCI-765-36 SCI-766-36 SCI-767-36 SCI-768-36
38 cm SCI-765-38 SCI-766-38 SCI-767-38 SCI-768-38
40 cm SCI-765-40 SCI-766-40 SCI-767-40 SCI-768-40
42 cm SC1-765-42 SCI-766-42 SCI-767-42 SCI-768-42
44 cm SC1-765-44 SCI-766-44 SCI-767-44 SCI-768-44
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