Knowles Pin

SCI-WP-7 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-WP-7T (Titanium)

Stainless Steel
3.0mm Dia Length 4.0 mm Dia
Cat No. Cat No.
SCI-521-65 65 mm SCI-521-065
SCI-521-70 70 mm SCI-522-070
SCI-521-75 75 mm SCI-522-075
SCI-521-80 80 mm SCI-522-080
SCI-521-85 85 mm SCI-522-085
SCI-521-90 90 mm SCI-522-090
SCI-521-95 95 mm SCI-522-095
SCI-521-100 100 mm SCI-522-0100
3.0mm Dia Length 4.0 mm Dia
Cat No. Cat No.
SCI-521T-65 65 mm SCI-521T-065
SCI-521T-70 70 mm SCI-522T-070
SCI-521T-75 75 mm SCI-522T-075
SCI-521T-80 80 mm SCI-522T-080
SCI-521T-85 85 mm SCI-522T-085
SCI-521T-90 90 mm SCI-522T-090
SCI-521T-95 95 mm SCI-522T-095
SCI-521T-100 100 mm SCI-522T-0100


For percutaneous sticking of the reducible intracapsular femoral neck cracks. Percutaneous sticking diminishes the chance of mortality, horribleness, and contamination. The strings connect with the cancellous and subchondral bone of the femoral head. At the point when a distal nut is utilized, pressure can be accomplished between the pieces as the pin utilizes the slack screw standard. The distal part of the Knowles Pin are severed at the scored line. These pins are not suggested for comminuted cracks.

Shagun Cares is considered a significant association engaged with trading premium quality Knowles Pin. Broadly utilized as femoral neck fracture fixation device, these items are profoundly solid and clean for embed a medical procedure.


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