L- Buttress Plate 4.5mm

SCI-130 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-130T (Titanium)

For Elbow (Compound Fracture). Fixation with 4.5 screws. Head with three holes.


  • Thickness : 3.0mm
  • Width : 16.0mm
Stainless Steel
Cat No.(R) Holes
SCI-130-03 3
SCI-130-04 4
SCI-130-05 5
SCI-130-06 6
SCI-130-07 7
SCI-130-08 8
SCI-130-09 9
SCI-130-10 10
Cat No. Holes
SCI-130T-03 3
SCI-130T-04 4
SCI-130T-05 5
SCI-130T-06 6
SCI-130T-07 7
SCI-130T-08 8
SCI-130T-09 9
SCI-130T-10 10
Stainless Steel
Cat No.(L) Length
SCI-131-03 68mm
SCI-131-04 84mm
SCI-131-05 100mm
SCI-131-06 116mm
SCI-131-07 132mm
SCI-131-08 148mm
SCI-130-09 164mm
SCI-131-10 176mm
Cat No.(L) Length
SCI-131T-03 68mm
SCI-131T-04 84mm
SCI-131T-05 100mm
SCI-131T-06 116mm
SCI-131T-07 132mm
SCI-131T-08 148mm
SCI-130T-09 164mm
SCI-131T-10 176mm


L- Buttress Plate 4.5mm is utilized to unbendingly hold set up breaks toward the finish of long bones, particularly at the knee and lower leg, where the crack site encounters enormous compressive and other distorting forces.


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