L- Buttress Plate 4.5mm

SCI-130 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-130T (Titanium)

For Elbow (Compound Fracture). Fixation with 4.5 screws. Head with three holes.


  • Thickness : 3.0mm
  • Width : 16.0mm
Stainless Steel
Cat No.(R) Holes
SCI-130-03 3
SCI-130-04 4
SCI-130-05 5
SCI-130-06 6
SCI-130-07 7
SCI-130-08 8
SCI-130-09 9
SCI-130-10 10
Cat No. Holes
SCI-130T-03 3
SCI-130T-04 4
SCI-130T-05 5
SCI-130T-06 6
SCI-130T-07 7
SCI-130T-08 8
SCI-130T-09 9
SCI-130T-10 10
Stainless Steel
Cat No.(L) Length
SCI-131-03 68mm
SCI-131-04 84mm
SCI-131-05 100mm
SCI-131-06 116mm
SCI-131-07 132mm
SCI-131-08 148mm
SCI-130-09 164mm
SCI-131-10 176mm
Cat No.(L) Length
SCI-131T-03 68mm
SCI-131T-04 84mm
SCI-131T-05 100mm
SCI-131T-06 116mm
SCI-131T-07 132mm
SCI-131T-08 148mm
SCI-130T-09 164mm
SCI-131T-10 176mm


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