Lateral Tibial Head Plate 4.5mm

SCI-134 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-134T (Titanium)

Fixation with 4.5mm & 6.5mm screws shaft with DCP dynamic compression holes and slot for tension device.Left angled for right leg and right angled for left leg.

Shaft Profile

  • Thickness : 3.8mm
  • Width : 14.0mm
  • 16.0mm
Stainless Steel
Left Leg Cat No. Holes Right Leg Cat No.
SCI-134-07 7 SCI-135-07
SCI-134-09 9 SCI-135-09
SCI-134-11 11 SCI-135-11
SCI-134-13 13 SCI-135-13
SCI-134-15 15 SCI-135-15
Left Leg Cat No. Holes Right Leg Cat No.
SCI-134T-07 7 SCI-135T-07
SCI-134T-09 9 SCI-135T-09
SCI-134T-11 11 SCI-135T-11
SCI-134T-13 13 SCI-135T-13
SCI-134T-15 15 SCI-135T-15
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