Locking Bolt 7.5 mm Self Tapping

SCI-LS :2 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-LS :2T (Titanium)


Solid Length Cannulated
Catalogue No.
SCI-320-50 50 mm SCI-321-050
SCI-320-55 55 mm SCI-321-055
SCI-320-60 60 mm SCI-321-060
SCI-320-65 65 mm SCI-321-065
SCI-320-70 70 mm SCI-321-070
SCI-320-75 75 mm SCI-321-075
SCI-320-80 80 mm SCI-321-080
SCI-320-85 85 mm SCI-321-085
SCI-320-90 90 mm SCI-321-090
SCI-320-95 95 mm SCI-321-095
SCI-320-100 100 mm SCI-321-0100
SCI-320-105 105 mm SCI-321-0105
SCI-320-110 110 mm SCI-321-0110
SCI-320-115 115 mm SCI-321-0115
SCI-320-120 120 mm SCI-321-0120
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