Modular Cup Tin Coated

Item Code Size Description
SCIT-4002-24-38 Dia 38mm
SCIT-4002-24-40 Dia 40mm
SCIT-4002-24-42 Dia 42mm
SCIT-4002-28-44 Dia 44mm
SCIT-4002-24-46 Dia 46mm
SCIT-4002-24-48 Dia 48mm
SCIT-4002-24-50 Dia 50mm
SCIT-4002-24-52 Dia 52mm
SCIT-4002-24-54 Dia 54mm

Diameter of head is available in three sizes i.e 24, 28, 30mmNeck Sizes are available in four length -3, 0, +4.5, +7.5.

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