Reconstruction Nail (Recon Nail)

SCI-N :11 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-N :11T (Titanium)


Length Left Leg Right Leg
Diameter                                                                                                                              Diameter
9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm 9 mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm 13 mm
Catalogue No.                                                                        Catalogue No.
34 cm SCI-795-34 SCI-796-34 SCI-797-34 SCI-798-34 SCI-799-34 SCI-800-34 SCI-801-34 SCI-802-34 SCI-803-34 SCI-804-34
36 cm SCI-795-36 SCI-796-36 SCI-797-36 SCI-798-36 SCI-799-36 SCI-800-36 SCI-801-36 SCI-802-36 SCI-803-36 SCI-804-36
38 cm SCI-795-38 SCI-796-38 SCI-797-38 SCI-798-38 SCI-799-38 SCI-800-38 SCI-801-38 SCI-802-38 SCI-803-38 SCI-804-38
40 cm SCI-795-40 SCI-796-40 SCI-797-40 SCI-798-40 SCI-799-40 SCI-800-40 SCI-801-40 SCI-802-40 SCI-803-40 SCI-804-40
42 cm SCI-795-42 SCI-796-42 SCI-797-42 SCI-798-42 SCI-799-42 SCI-800-42 SCI-801-42 SCI-802-42 SCI-803-42 SCI-804-42
44 cm SCI-795-44 SCI-796-44 SC1-797-44 SCI-798-44 SCI-799-44 SCI-800-44 SCI-801-44 SCI-802-44 SC1-803-44 SCI-804-44
46 cm SCI-795-46 SCI-796-46 SCI-797-46 SCI-798-46 SCI-799-46 SCI-800-46 SCI-801-46 SCI-802-46 SC1-803-46 SCI-804-46
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