Square Nail for Radius

SCI-N :3 (Stainless Steel)
SCI-N :3T (Titanium)


Dia. Dia. Dia. Dia. Dia. Dia.
1.5 mm 2.0 mm 2.5 mm 3.0 mm 3.5 mm 4.0mm Length
Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
SCI-735-17 SCI-736-17 SCI-737-17 17 em
SCI-735-18 SCI-736-18 SCI-737-18 18 cm
SCI-735-19 SCI-736-19 SCI-737-19 19 cm
SCI-735-20 SCI-736-20 SCI-737-20 SCI-738-20 SCI-739-20 SC1-740-20 20 cm
SCI-735-21 SCI-736-21 SCI-737-21 SCI-738-21 SCI-739-21 SCI-740-21 21 cm
SCI-735-22 SCI-736-22 SCI-737-22 SCI-738-22 SCI-739-22 SCI-740-22 22 cm
SCI-735-23 SCI-736-23 SCI-737-23 SCI-738-23 SCI-739-23 SCI-740-23 23 cm
SCI-735-24 SCI-736-24 SCI-737-24 SCI-738-24 SCI-739-24 SCI-740-24 24 cm
SCI-735-25 SCI-736-25 SCI-737-25 SCI-738-25 SCI-739-25 SCI-740-25 25 cm
SCI-735-26 SCI-736-26 SCI-737-26 SCI-738-26 SCI-739-26 SCI-740-26 26 cm
SCI-735-27 801-736-27 SCI-737-27 801-738-27 SCI-739-27 801-740-27 27 cm
SCI-735-28 SCI-736-28 SCI-737-28 SCI-738-28 SCI-739-28 SC1-740-28 28 cm
SCI-735-29 SCI-736-29 SCI-737-29 SCI-738-29 SCI-739-29 SCI-740-29 29 cm
SCI-735-30 SCI-736-30 SCI-737-30 SCI-738-30 SCI-739-30 SC1-740-30 30 cm
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