Stem for Femur (Straight)

Item Code Size Description
SCI-4120-10 Dia. 10 X 120mm
SCI-4120-11 Dia. 11 X 120mm
SCI-4120-12 Dia. 12 X 120mm
SCI-4140-10 Dia. 10 X 140mm
SCI-4140-11 Dia. 11 X 140mm
SCI-4140-12 Dia. 12 X 140mm
SCI-4160-10 Dia. 10 X 160mm
SCI-4160-11 Dia. 11 X 160mm
SCI-4160-12 Dia. 12 X 160mm
SCI-4180-10 Dia. 10 X 180mm
SCI-4180-11 Dia. 11 X 180mm
SCI-4180-12 Dia. 12 X 180mm
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